We will help you by submitting claims to your insurance company. We do not participate in most capitation plans, but you will find that your out of pocket expense for an out-of-network provider may be close to that of an in-network provider. Call us so that we can help you determine the cost of your care.

One reason for not participating in many insurance plans is that they simply will not reimburse at an acceptable rate. Some companies reimburse specialists and generalists the same amount. This is unacceptable when you consider that the complexity (and therefore the time required) of cases treated by a specialist is much greater than those treated by general practitioners. Some reimburse at rates close to what I experienced in dental school!

Though the care you receive in our office is not affected by the type of insurance you have (or don’t have), we have had to limit ourselves to those companies that recognize and reimburse for the quality care we render.

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